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-A Thesis  Every now and then, a story becomes a living thing. It mutates and its cells start dividing. It goes from swimming, to crawling, to walking and finally to running. It pulls itself from the primordial soup of fiction and straddles that thin line of reality. A photocopy of a photocopy type of thing, […]

Between Cyrene (March)

For my son Simon. May you carry well the things you must.  The void chuckled as she coiled and fluxed. Endless in the chaos she spun and braided all of her split ends whilst tugging on the infinite expanse. She was void and without form – dancing in the dark. Medusa’s stare and Pandora’s silly […]

Cotton and Stone (February)

  A History of Memory Eating, Part One.   Green strings of moss hung like bacteria over a swamp just outside Moorhead. The swamp itself was like a little pool of bile digesting something hundreds of years old. Burps of gas and insects jumping from the dissolving bank took turns making the yellow liquid break […]

Of Bulls and Men (January)

  Somewhere nuzzled inside Spain’s green breasts, there was a young bull aging into adulthood. This bull had a back as a mountain and a rack of horns like calcified tree branches that stretched out; and he would trot around the grassy knolls as a mountain might slide, and he would swing his horns as […]