2020 Short Stories (12)


I feel a longing to speak in story, and as such I plan to do so.

This year I have set the goal of writing a short story every month, resulting in twelve stories at the end of the year. I have grown disillusioned by the blogging rhythms of personal opinion spoken in simplicity and clichĂ©. I aim not for pretension, but instead at the quickly fading art of written word. 

Take these as offerings as created things that I have pained over. Some of these stories have skeletons that were scribed a decade ago. Some of these stories have uncut teeth. They are all written uniquely and solely by myself and you have the permission to share and distribute them however you wish with these three caveats:

  1. Do not charge a fee beyond the cost of publication/distribution.
  2. Do not claim the words as your own, or to be from anyone other than myself.
  3. Do not use or claim the artwork accompanying them without giving due credit to the woman who painted them. Each one is a uniquely made piece by my sister Brianne Panichakit.

With that stated, I have but one last request. If any of these stories strike a chord or emotion or anything, please know that in my creating I am only an imitator of the one to whom all credit and glory belongs. If my stories point to something beyond themselves, look not at me but at God. Any talent, ability, privilege, or wisdom I play with belongs to the God of Abraham. To His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost that dances in our most private places. Look to the living God. He took a drug-ridden stray and claimed me as his own.

I hope you enjoy my words. My soul lies naked in the letters and space. 

-TL Schaefer