99 for 1

When you found me, I was half buried in the snow,
Hiding under a stone,
When you found me, I was cold, lost and alone,
I had run to the hills, burnt every bridge,
And abandoned my home.

I had no need for a shepherd and I didn’t want you,
I left your flock and tried to escape your reach,
My wool was spotted and ugly, my head restless,
You had plenty of other sheep,
You had no need for a girl like me, the one with a broken heart,
Who gave it over to cruel men to be ripped apart.
A girl who hides her face and hates her own reflection,
I am not worth your time or protection.

When you found me, You were covered in snow,
You had crawled under and over every stone,
And you had left your entire herd, and ran after me alone,
Your eyes were heavy, and your words soft,
You back was bare and you offered it,
To carry me home,

You said,
I didn’t see your spotted wool in the flock and I panicked,
You know I painted that wool myself, each freckle,
I planned it,
You said,
I heard the wolves howl and my heart sank,
Your heart was made whole,
I never meant for it to break,
You think you’re alone, that no one has scars like you,
But those same wolves,
They bit into me too.
You said,
When you were still in your mom’s stomach, wiggling around,
I sculpted your face, carved each fingerprint,
I loved your laugh before you made a sound.

I told you,
My legs were too bruised for the return trip,
My heart too heavy to carry my body,
So you placed me where your shoulders split,
And held me all the way, you took me softly
As we got off that cruel mountain and our place drew near,
You leaned back and whispered into my ear,

You said,
You could be filthy, bloody, and completely buried in snow,
You could think badly of yourself, the lowest of low,
Be filled with sadness and in your misery roam,
Or be paralyzed by hatred for me, or sunk like a stone,
You are still my daughter, and nothing will stop me,
No jagged mountain, no boiling sea,
Every single time, I’d leave the other 99 sheep to be alone,
Just for a chance, to bring you home.

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