The First Christmas Carol

‘Twas the night of first Christmas, and all through the stable,

Not an animal was stirring, nor person nor angel,

Outside was warm, not a snowflake did fall,

No snow in Bethlehem, no none at all,


‘Twas the night of a prophecy being fulfilled,

Wise Men and gifts, and shepherds of the field,

They journeyed o’er mountain tops, to a strange land,

To a virgin birth, and to the perfect man,


No stockings that night, no ornaments and no toys,

Just a mom a dad, and sweet baby boy,

There, in that stable, he lay where sheep fed,

Right there he lay, swaddled in a hay bed,


His eyes softly open, cheeks rosy and red,

The true king of kings born in an animal’s shed,

Through that first night, he’d fuss and he’d cry,

Lord of lords came to be like you and I,


He lay there like a gift, with no ribbons nor bows,

Perfection in man’s form, life and death juxtaposed,

A baby given to us all, a gift for you and for me,

The first Christmas present, to be hung on a tree,


His momma kissing his head, needing no mistletoe,

She’d watch this small boy mature, learn and grow,

Her boy would, one day, heal the blind, fix the lame,

He would ease our true pain, and erase all our shame,


‘Twas the night of eternal forgiveness and grace,

‘Twas little arms, little legs, and a soft baby’s face,

Our gift from a father, and our chance to be saved,

Our promise of rescue, and home’s route clearly paved,


As he lay in that manger, taking first earthly breath,

This hero of life, would be champion of death,

He was made into something he did not yet know,

The high king, for our sake, born here quite low,


Joy lives in his birth, and the resolve of his promise,

Peace is his spirit, and how it does call us,

Hope is his body, how it was taken and broken,

Love is his legacy, true and forever spoken,


That night up in heaven, God looked down on his son,

It could not have been easy, and not very fun,

As a new mother watched Jesus, asleep in that manger,

He was brought into a world of hurt and of danger,


God said aloud, “take my son, and hold tight,

See his perfection, and acknowledge his might,

This gift I give to you, from black to white,

To Man and to woman, and each child alike,

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

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